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The purpose of the team is to set a good public image of Kim’s White Tiger. All members of Demonstration Team will be uploaded on the Km’s White Tiger Web site as a honorable Kim’s White Tiger Demonstration Team members. 


A Taekwondo Demo Team is a group of Taekwondo practitioners who are particularly expert at Taekwondo and organize to perform Taekwondo demonstrations at special events. Many larger Taekwondo schools will have a demo team (this is one of the benefits of studying at a larger school). Demo Teams perform for example at Taekwondo tournaments and student recruiting events (such as school Open Houses, local festivals, special occasions at local shopping malls, etc.). School Demo Teams are characterized by:


Demo Team members will often have special Taekwondo uniforms

Demo Team members will often attend special classes where they learn more complex Taekwondo routines (often mixed with elements of synchronized dance and acrobatics) intended for public demostration.


Highest quality martial arts training from rigorously trained, certified instructors


Physical fitness training that combines speed with flexibility, power, and self-control


Leadership development resulting in a strong body, mind, moral compass, and ability to excel


Instructor certification eligibility, a career path for those who discover a passion for teaching martial arts to others


Leadership Class is specifically designed to Train and Develop upcoming Taekwondo Leaders so that they can help other budding students to master their skills. The aspiring students are provided with a Manual outlining the specifics of the training. During these sessions, most emphasis is laid on Training & Equipping the Minds & Attitudes of the students on Leadership Qualities, that not just include developing Better and Accurate Skills, but also to Practice Kindness & Compassion as a Leader. It is a program designed to help the student to mold him/herself into a Role Model & to Develop an Outstanding Character through Discipline, Determination & Dedication. Conducted by Master Kim & Mrs. Kim personally, they pay close attention to each student to perfect their Stance. They both are dedicated coaches and put in a lot of effort in training each student to learn the accurate & crisp forms, using unique techniques to perfect the balance & focus in each Form & Stance.

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