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How to update Google Reviews you've written

  1. Sign into your Gmail account.

  2. Head to

  3. Click on the three dashes to the left of the search bar.

  4. Navigate to 'Your contributions'.

  5. Click on the 'REVIEWS' tab.

  6. Click on the three dots to the right of the review you wish to edit to update.


*Tiger Tot Student must write "TIGER TOT"

*Total Testing fee include Private Testing & order Parent's Award Trophy

As you are aware, the physical development of our students is only a small part of what the Kim’s White Tiger program offers its students. In addition to physical skills, we put a heavy emphasis on the development of the “Three C’s” – character, concentration and confidence. With this in mind, we are asking for your feedback in the form of a “letter of recommendation” stating why your child should be eligible to test for a new belt rank. In this letter, we ask that you share the positive benefits/changes Martial arts training has had on your child. Not only does this give instructors a barometer for the effectiveness of our program, but more importantly, when shared with our students it gives them tremendous incentive for continuing to develop in these important areas in the future. Please take a few minutes to write down your thoughts. In order to give us ample time to review these prior to testing, we ask that you return this along with your child’s testing application.

Thanks for Submitting!

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